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The stained glass in interior

The sunlight streaming through the colorful stained glass, is, you see, is a stunner. Stained-glass Windows are associated with the magnificence and even monumentality, as stained-glass Windows are usually adorn the Museum buildings and temples. So many people are sure that the stained glass in the interior of a house is not the place. In addition, it is considered that stained glass is very expensive and is not explicitly designed for the average interior.

However, the one and the other is not quite true. It is worth saying that the stained glass in interior of a dwelling house was used in the 19th century when it came into fashion style. As for the cost of stained-glass Windows, modern technology has allowed to reduce considerably the cost of their production, which, of course, had an effect on the price. Stained glass - it is not such a luxury these days, as you would think. Moreover, there are pseudofraga available to everyone.

Interestingly, stained glass, originally invented by man to fill the window openings, today rarely perform its main function. Much more popular different decorative elements made of stained glass in interior. First of all, it is a variety of accessories, made with stained glass: for example, boxes, lamp, screens and other...

Doors with stained glass windows
Becoming more and more popular doors with stained glass Windows. In General, today is very widespread sale of mezhkomnatnykh doors with a variety of glass inserts. Different techniques of glass processing turn ordinary interior doors in a real work of art and
elegant decoration intererabiltze glass for doors as much as possible protected (for example, due to the technique triplex), and although they look very fragile, really to worry about their reliability is not worth it.

Doors create stunning effects associated with light. In addition, they set the tone for the interior, making it with one hand gloomy, and on the other front. 

In the interior, where are the stained glass windows, especially interior (whether a door or partitions), there is a certain mystique. Still Association with Gothic churches and antique museums make themselves felt.

Partitions-stained glass in interior

Stained-glass partitions are less common than interior doors with stained glass, but this design method is also increasing interest.

Stained-glass partition, like any wall of glass is easy, even the air. This is particularly important when there is a goal not to isolate a single space from another, but only to separate them. First, thanks transparency partitions, facilities like a flowing one into another. Secondly, "bilateral" such partitions is making in both space common element.The stained glass in interior look great stained glass partitions in spacious rooms filled with light, both natural and artificial. Stained-glass partitions day pass through a soft colored light, and in the evening, when lit lamps, bulkhead itself becomes a kind of a "lighting device", pouring light in a dark space.

Stained glass in interior decoration of walls:
stained glass-painting or a stained glass window panels

Any practical functions of these elements are not, but are vivid interior decorations. Stained-glass Windows, paintings suitable for a spacious hallways halls, living rooms, ceremonial table. Stained glass paintings and murals, usually made to order for a specific interior, so perfectly fit his subjects, making the location holiday, elegant.

The stained glass in interior: ceiling

A few centuries ago in Europe were popular stained glass ceiling, the ceiling, which was decorated not only the premises of theatres, museums and expensive restaurants, and residential houses. However, to afford the luxury could only rich people.

Today this pleasure is not very cheap, but very affordable, especially if we are not talking about the stained glass Tiffany. There are reliable ceiling structures (frames), which maintains the ceiling leaves practically from any material: metal, wood, mirrors and glass.

For the manufacture of stained glass ceilings are the most commonly used film painted or laminated psevdokitay. In fact, it is just a glass suspended ceilings with painted, but what is the effect! Of course, the apartment is completely stained glass ceiling is not always fit into the interior, but very original look small ceiling constructions with stained glass Windows. Between the base and ceiling hanging design, of course, it is desirable to mount the backlight to stained glass revealed in all its glory.

Stained glass in interior: in what areas relevant?

Almost all. The stained glass in the bathroom - it's fashionable today. Stained do shelves and doors of bathroom furniture. You can also find in stores stained and pseudophedrine bathroom accessories. If the bathroom has a window, it is often do just stained. Well, if not, create stained trim window with backlight.

Stained-glass windows in the living room, in the opinion of many, the most relevant. Here you can make stained glass pauperhood, put the window with a stained-glass door, order stained-glass screen for the fireplace. Stained-glass picture will become the dominant decorative object. Of course, don't use too many of the stained glass elements in the same room - two or three matching items will be enough.

You can use the stained glass Windows in the kitchen: this is, as already mentioned, stained glass insert kitchen facades, stained-glass chandelier or sconces, ceiling construction with pseudovirion (for example, above the working area or over the island).

Can you do a stained glass with their own hands?

The small size of the stained cloth can be made from small colored glass. From glass to fold pattern, then weld them tin, using "frame", i.e. for connection of glass, lead wire.

The easiest way at home to make pseudowires, using the outline of the picture dark nitropaint, and to fill the paths and the rest - special stained glass paints. Take for stained glass better textured glass.

Special paints for painting on glass is to paint the Windows and mirrors. This will require stencils, brush, ink and a bit of patience. Glass should be removed and placed on a flat, level surface - only in this case you can get a neat list.

If you want to do the painting on the already installed Windows, it is better to use a special self-adhesive films for stained glass (British technology). Produced translucent coloured sticker, so to cut ornament don't even have to.

Well, and for children there are sets for creativity - plastic stencils for stained-glass Windows with a clear depressed or convex contours that are filled safe stained glass paints. Choosing suitable stencils, you can make stained glass (pseudophedrine) window of the child.

These stained glass Windows for large areas and components of the design elements of the interior, of course, is to order from professionals, benefit of our country and now a lot of stained glass workshops using a variety of techniques: from classical techniques Tiffany and fusing to the painting on a solid glass.