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Funny bathing

The 21st century is full of discoveries! On the market there are more and more unusual things, for example, fun and useful tips for ... shower!

Not only fun, but also useful!

Shower backlit are increasingly found in the interiors of bathrooms. And not surprising, as this device combines 

both entertaining and useful functions. 
Shower backlit able cardinally change Your idea of daily water procedures. The shower nozzle on illuminates the flow of various colors depending on water temperature : 

At temperatures below 32 degrees shines green

At temperatures from 33 to 41 degrees shining blue

At a temperature from 42 to 45 degrees shines red 

At temperatures above 46 degrees red light starts to flash 

What are the advantages?

Shower with backlight will not allow You to make a mistake with the temperature of the water, You will not be able to get a hot water accidentally choosing the wrong temperature. It will be especially useful for children, hot water is much more dangerous for the delicate skin of the child. 

This thing carries an incredible entertainment experience. You will start to receive a special experience at the normal shower. For children this led to shower nozzle is a real magnet. If earlier you could still hear the abandonment of making water treatment, now everything will change. It is a standard procedure hygiene turned into a real fun. 

With the help of the soul with backlight easy to create a romantic atmosphere. It is enough to switch off the lighting in the bathroom and a colour light from the soul fabulously will transform it. Light from the led nozzles enough for a good look at the surrounding areas. Add to the interior of several led or projector sea waves and enjoy the truly amazing atmosphere.

Full autonomy!

Shower with lighting needs no batteries or power supply from the wall outlet. Due to the built-mini turbine nozzle gets enough power for their work. The stronger the pressure of the water - the brighter will Shine nozzle. 

Easy to install! 

You do not need to call a plumber or work with complex tools. Led to shower nozzle fits all modern shower hoses. Just remove Your shower diffuser and shower set with illumination. The attachment is easily screwed in place of the old tip without any effort.