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Children build their own furniture like Lego

By Dave Parrack


Given even the smallest opportunity to get creative, kids will invariably take it. This is why modular furniture designed to appeal exclusively to children is potentially such a good idea. Olla is just that, offering children of all ages the opportunity to build their own Lego-style furniture.

Olla is rather fittingly named after Ole and Ella, the two children of Jens Otterstedt, who created the range in response to his kids' requests for new furniture. The system is, rather unsurprisingly, inspired by Lego, with the same principles applying to both products; the more pieces you own, the wider the range of items you can build. Unfortunately, however, Olla is rather more costly than Lego.

Otterstedt is crowdfunding Olla, seeking US$250,000 to turn his idea into a reality. Pledges from $6 will reward backers with an individual Olla component should the aforementioned goal be hit. However, a pledge of between $228 and $2,255 is required to hit a reward level containing complete pieces of furniture. Shipping is not included.

The variety of pieces that can be constructed using Olla is impressive, with chairs, desks, shelving units, beds, cots, and benches all feasible. The Olla components come in a range of different colors, meaning children can mix and match at will. Each of the pieces locks together using just four different types of connectors.

The video below shows kids assembling and disassembling bespoke furniture using the Olla system.