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Provence in your apartment

Provence .... Sounds great! But what does this word mean? First, it is the name of one of the southern regions of France, well, and secondly - the name of the architectural style of the same name.

Those who have ever visited in the provence can easily imagine the general shape of the style.

Well, for those who so much pleasure in my life do not ever experience, we will explain what, in fact, similar apartment in the style of provence, and what should be guided by the basic principles, doing her artwork.

Association style of provence

Specifically, the style is associated primarily with classic country, but one which does not need to work hard day and night, the one where you can have a good rest. And there are all prerequisites. Here are bright and warm sun, white beach here, here cool blue sea. It is this need to strive to create an atmosphere, regardless of which room is made in the style of provence, living or not.

Another distinguishing feature of provence - is the abundance of vegetation. Province itself has long been famous for its flower fields, so do not bring something similar in Provencal interior is simply unacceptable. At the same welcome as live plants in vases and pots and floral motifs embroidered on textiles depicted in paintings or accessories. In general, more greenery, gentlemen!

Choose the color of furniture in the style of provence

Provencal interiors are mostly characterized by soft and soothing tones. Perfectly suited beige, white, wheat, olive and pale blue. All of them will contribute to maximizing pacification, creating an atmosphere of calm and comfort, which should prevail in this village.

Meet here something dark and gloomy almost impossible.

Despite the fact that the pastel colors are preferred for the style of provence, this does not mean that you can not use something brighter. As in the photo below:

The walls in the style of provence

The walls in the style of provence often clothed in rough plaster. Don`t  forget that this style mimics country. Use of every newfangled materials and paints here is unacceptable.

Looks great walls, chipped wood. After that wood can be painted any color of the recommended previously, although most modern designers opt for white. Generally wood - it is one of the basic materials style. Even the furniture in the style of provence is made exclusively from this materiala. And in the kitchen and bathroom in this style will look very cool masonry. When this stone can be natural and artificial. The latter, by the way, has even higher performance, and its cost significantly lower.

Normal, that is, a living room in the style of provence, as a rule, has a wooden floor. In extreme cases selected cover, good mimics this natural material. In particular, it may be the same laminate with a wood or tile a texture. With regard to non-residential premises, then there is a little wider choice. To laminate, parquet, linoleum and floorboard attached stone and tile. The color they should be either in tone walls, or else their little darker. Ceiling mandatory painted in a light color. As a finishing material used usual whitewash, paint or plaster. Little contrast can be added using a dark wooden beams, installed directly on the ceiling.

Doors in the style of provence

Provence style doors are very important, as, indeed, in any other style. With doors space begins and ends with the door it. So do not pay enough attention to the door structure would be extremely rash. As you have probably already guessed, the material for the manufacture of Provencal doors can be only one - tree. Its color should be in harmony with the color of the walls. That's roughly the same shades, different maximum a few shades. If the tree is artificially aged, it is just at hand. Provence loves shabby outer wear surface.

Door leaf is decorated with carved patterns or floral patterns. You can use glass inserts. The latter, incidentally, can also be decorated with a pattern or how. Usually it's all the same floral motifs.

About windows should also say a few words. Ideal for window Provencal style - a window that starts from the floor and ceiling finishes. That's really an abundance of light.

But, of course, such a bold step to be ready to go, not everyone, so it will come down simple conventional sealed crate. If the window is made of plastic, without fail, take care of his imitation wood. Also very nice look windows with rounded tip. And do not forget to put a few pots of flowers on the windowsill!

Furnished in provence style - elegance in simplicity.

Furniture provence interiors enchants its elegance and simplicity at the same time. This is the usual form, simple lines, sometimes worn and peeling paint. Furniture should exude warmth and comfort. It is predominantly made ??of wood, but allowed to have forged elements. For example, a table in the style of provence may have forged metal legs or patterns on them. A dresser in the same handle can be forged. By the way, the table must be massive, credible. No small openwork tables should not be here.

Floral accents are present on all textiles without exception on the pillows, tablecloths, napkins, bed linen, curtains. At the same time they should remain only accents, without sorting themselves fundamental rol.Odnim of the most important elements are the textile curtains. Curtains in the style of Provence such as the lungs, as well as the design itself. It is not very dense, bright fabrics, not darken the interior, but
capable, if necessary, protect the room from the bright rays of the morning in the style of Provence solntsa.Krovat often decorated with decorative pillows, Shielding rigor wood. The notion of a single bed in this style is virtually absent. As a rule, in the Provencal bedrooms flaunt massive double bed with four legs. Mostly looked through the hand-forged elements, which only gives the structure a more elegant appearance. On either side of the bed put small wooden tables with lamps. All of the classics.

Accessories - the design is in the details

As you know, little things play a crucial role in the formation of any interior design, and provence is no exception. Here, everything is even more serious. Hard to find some other style that would have relied heavily on small detaley.Oni complement it and at the same time is complete, the final sum hell. But what are the little things provence? Let's interest! Imagine that the room is not in the style of provence will be decorated any scenic picture impossible. This attribute is required, which will bypass the mean gross mistake. Flowers, a variety of bright images, funny performance - it may equally look at us out of the picture frames.

The most important thing in the end: Lighting

Lighting in provence plays a leading role. In the beginning of this article, we said that this style was originally associated with the sun, heat and light inherent in the province, which is located on the southern shores of France. But as the sun hides behind our closet is unlikely we will have to simulate it. Any room in the style of provence should be perfectly lit. In no case be allowed presence of dark areas. The light should be evenly distributed around the room, looking in every corner, in every crevice. Achieve this effect is very difficult, but the final result is worth it. As the French like to say, the game is worth the candle!It should be noted that provence - it's very complex in execution style. It requires a careful approach to every detail, to every detail, even the one that at first glance seems quite irrelevant.