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Pop-out Outlet

By Ben Coxworth



You've probably never given much thought to your electrical outlets, but apparently the folks at Legrand think that those always-exposed holes are kinda ugly. That's why they created the chic-looking and actually kind of practical Pop-Out Outlet.

When not in use, the Pop-Out Outlet (let's just call it the POO) simply takes the form of a uniform square that sits flush with the wall. Press on it with a finger, though, and its cube-shaped body slides out to reveal plug-ins on three of its sides – as opposed to the two plug-ins that would be offered ordinarily.


The POO can apparently be user-installed in place of a traditional outlet, although a Legrand rep tells us that there can be issues with the existing wall box not being deep enough to hold all of its hardware – it requires at least 22 cubic inches (361 cc). To that end, it's intended more for rebuilds, or as a standard feature in newly-built homes.

It's available now, for CAD$56 (about US$52). You can see it in use in the video below.