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How to design a house?

Construction of frame houses of timber

Company " Other Architecture " offers design and construction of houses of timber , laminated veneer lumber , timber-framed houses of any complexity and design - from the classic to the modern fachwerk . We offer design options and finishes at home depending on the budget . Will be the most inexpensive house with a framework of beams 150/150 mm and a covering or lining the facade tiles that mimic plaster base can be finished with artificial stone or brick , if desired - to decorate the facades of the board for framing . This house has good heat and sound insulation , it is quite durable. The estimated cost of the house with an area of ??300 sq.m. may reach 4.5-5 million.
Construction of frame houses from glued beams on German technology

We can also offer a home increased strength and improved aesthetic qualities of laminated veneer lumber to the frame 200/200 mm, the construction of which look good in the interior (especially today ) in the clear - racks, fencing , floor beams . The facades of the frame house can be finished with a lining or plaster , and, for example , more expensive clinker . The house itself is an exploded view can be brought from Germany, built on the site of a German brigade, all calculations on designs to our project made ??by German engineers . The cost of the house is approximately $ 900 per square meter The construction period could be about two months.

What is important is that the value of the house of laminated veneer lumber and included not only the frame of a house filled with walls , floors and roof structure , but also the foundation, exterior and interior walls , windows and balcony doors , roof, wiring and plumbing pipes electricians , staircase. That is, you just need to decorate it from the inside of your choice - to lay floors, put the interior doors, painted or wallpapered walls, tiles and sanitary oblitsevat tale lights. The cost of the design and structure of the project can be seen on the "Services" page . The term design house of 200-300 sq.m. is, on average, about 30 working days.

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Construction of frame houses using Canadian technology

There are so-called home for " Canadian technology ," or frame houses , construction costs are claimed about $ 300 per square meter For this price you usually only get with a filling frame , floors and roof system. In this case , adding further cost basement windows , roofs, walls and so on is roughly the same $ 900 for the quarter. meter. In this frame of the house can be made ??of beams 100/100 mm, which makes the house less durable and zvukopronitsaemym . Particular attention should be paid to the mounting frame members , their quality depends on the strength of the entire house.