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Lubow Gonina

chief architect

Began her work with the design of residential and public buildings.
Since 2000 she has been working on individual projects and interior design of private homes and apartments. She was especially interesting to work on projects for well-known creative people.

Collaborated and performed the orders for the design of large organizations such as Mosproject and Krost. She worked on the interiors commissioned by companies ''technology design', " Line 8 "," Edelweiss ".

Has participated in exhibitions at the Union of Architects in Moscow, won various competitions at the local and international level, has published in journals. She studied architecture and restoration activities in a public office "Spetsproektrestavratsiya", where they took part at the restoration of monuments, such as, The Historical Museum, Kitaigorodskaya Wall Iberian Gate (entrance to Red Square), the Church of Our Lady of Kazan on Red Square and etc.

Ekaterina Zabava

lead architect

In 2012 graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute ( MARCHI ) majoring Architect.

Her professional career began in 2007, during this time she worked in several major design organizations. The most important think while working in a design institute, LLC "Proektkommundotrans" (design of residential, public and industrial buildings), as well as the corporation "Inkom-real estate" (the general layouts of the cottage settlements and etc.).

There is also a private practice experience (over 5 years): design individual houses in a complex with small architectural objects (gazebos, saunas, garages, etc.), blocked and apartment houses, design of residential and public interiors. Among her work objects such as the interiors of apartments in elite residential complexes (LCD " House of the shot ," LCD "Champion Park ", etc.), and multi-family row houses in md. Gangway, etc.

In "Other Architecture" she develop individual houses project, interior design and etc.

Alexander Muromskii

lead Architect

Has two higher education. Second degree in architecture "of the State University of Land" was in 2000.

A long time he worked at JSC Mosprekt: participated in the design of residential complexes in the street Udaltsov, in the Fili-Davydkovo. He participated in the design of the shopping center on the street Mitinsky (Novotushinsky travel), indoor arena Schyolkovo and other residential and public buildings.

Vsevolod Taranenko

architect, 3D visualizer

He graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute in 2000, the year the faculty "Industrial Buildings and Facilities."

Since 2001 until recently worked in the PMU MNIIP Mosproekt 4. He participated in the development of a set of the Academy of Vladislav Tretiak, the building of the Ice Palace Helena Tchaikovsky, complex Euphemia Center Taganka schools in the city of Tours and Vanavary village, as well as other residential and public buildings.

Among the "Other Architecture" is developing projects of private houses and 3D visualization.

His project: "Mitino", "It`s a nature modern", "Contemporary image log home".

Mikhail Losev

design project leader

1. Development of reinforced concrete, masonry structures of buildings, structures
2. Structural analysis (independently)
3. Supervision
Major completed projects:
- Individual buildings; from 300 to 600 m2
- Individual manor; 2000 m2; Stage P; R;
Professional skills:
Possession of "tame" and programm calculating on the applicable standards of the Russian Federation:
1. Concrete Structures
2. Steelwork
3. Wooden structures
4. Foundations of buildings
Independent design objects. Binding and modification of standard designs. Acceptance and verification of working documents from subcontractors.
Supervision and construction of the object.

Mikhail Kotov

3D visualizer

He graduated the Izhevsk State Technical University in 2011, majoring in Civil Engineer. Engaged in the design and visualization since 2009.

Participated in the work on the design and visualization of shopping and office centers in Izhevsk, private apartments and country houses in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Samara. Worked on the interiors of the Republican Clinical Diagnostic Center of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Udmurtia.

Extensive experience 3d visualization of individual houses and small architectural buildings, residential and public interiors, as well as the subject of visualization and animation.
The company is engaged in 3D visualization projects, his work: Lazarevo street, Alabinskoe, Rokosovskogo Boulevard.